Project assignment/mandate

The Project assignment or project mandate defines the task assigned to the project manager by the project owner and is a formal delivery agreement between the two parties. The Project assignment must be prepared at the beginning of the project (M0) and maintained throughout the project lifecycle.

The purpose of the Project assignment is to:

  • Define the task assigned to the project manager
  • Ensure that the assignment is clearly defined, understood and accepted by all parties
  • Clearly define the responsibilities of all parties
  • Delegate the necessary authority to the project manager or product owner (Scrum) on behalf of the customer´s organisation

Important tasks and actions

  • Upload the Project assignment to your project’s team site if available and link it into your Project manual.
  • The project assignment is a dynamic document that should be updated throughout the whole project lifetime.
  • After passing a Decision gate (Mx), archive the Project assignment and make a copy of it with new name “Project assignment at <Mx+1> for <Project name>”.


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