Project closure

The following activities should be performed at project closure:

Close project documentation
Before the project is formally closed, project team sites/project files etc. should be closed and relevant information archived.

Register or update information in the Systems database (applicable only to IT systems).
Life cycle documentation and other documentation must be handed over to new responsible unit.

Project resources
Describe how staff reductions will be done and communicate this early to resources and resource owners. Remember to give appraisal of project team members to resource owners.

Experience workshop
A project experience report (lessons learned) should be written and an experience transfer meeting should be arranged before M5. For larger projects a short experience report should be written after each M.

Communicate project completion to all stakeholders
An announcement should be made that the project is completed. All stakeholders must be informed that the project has reach M5 and that the project is terminated. Stakeholders can be found in the project communication plan or the stakeholder analysis.

Some sort of celebration should be arranged. This is particularly important for large and/or complex projects that have been long-lasting and demanding. Describe how you intend to celebrate the project closure.


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