Project time management includes the processes required to accomplish timely completion of the project.

Time management is concerned with making good project plans for follow-up of activities and tasks.

Important tasks and actions

  • Get access to a project planning tool (Safran planner, SAP PS, Excel, MS Project, RiskyProject etc).
  • Find an adequate level of detail for your project plan.
  • Use the project work models as starting point for your project plan.

A detailed project plan enables good control of all project activities and deliverables. Different views of the project plan, e.g. activity overview and milestone overview, make it easier to communicate with different stakeholders.

The project plan must give an overview of the different phases, components, deliverables, milestones and decision gates (M’s). It must also contain activities with start dates, end dates, resource requirements and responsible resource.

The checklist below should be used for all projects. It has been made for planning of small to medium sized projects but could also be used for large sized projects. The goal of this checklist is to enlighten important factors to get an adequate plan for project follow-up. The checklist is supposed to be a help when establishing the activity plan and milestone plan for the project. It has no focus upon resource planning and resource availability. The checklist should be used by the project manager and the rest of the project team in the start-up phase of the project, but it can also be used when revising plans. Add own and other team members experiences to the checklist.


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